In the truest essence of Empowered Design, I speak with audiences both big and small about the topics that I am passionate about. My speaking style is both collaborative and real. I leave my audiences with the tools on how to take on their world, and how to feel great doing it!


How to apply the principles of Empowered Design in your life. We map out how to design your life from the inside out, using methods from my book.

To all of my creative Designers out there, I speak directly to you about surviving your Interior Design business. I share my proven methods for bidding a project, writing a contract, staying in charge, and getting paid on time.


We loved hosting Blanche Garcia at our showroom! Her business acumen, knowledge, experience and passion inspired all interior designers in attendance. The importance of a strong business foundation sometimes gets lost within the design industry, having Blanche bring it to the forefront in a conversational format was wonderful.
Alexis Varbero (Owner of Schwartz Design Showroom)

I attended a truly inspirational seminar today led by Blanche Garcia regarding the business of design in today´s world. Loaded with good information every designer from the beginner to the most seasoned needs to know!
Lori Vantosky Interiors ( Interior Designer)

It was a pleasure meeting Blanche at the Schwartz Design Showroom speaking event. Blanche is very upbeat and I enjoyed her energy. Not only did she share important key points that can add further knowledge to our businesses, but she took the time to answer questions after the event as well vía email. Her knowledge and confidence was inspiran. Thank you Blanche!
Adriana Alarcon (Interior Designer)