Empowered Design

So who am I? I’m the girl who learned everything she knows by reading books (a lot of books), observing people (not in the creepy way), and just jumping in with both feet and learning as she goes. While other little girls were dreaming about their perfect wedding day as a princess, I was dreaming about running my own companies, being on TV, and writing books. But something interesting happened on the way to “grow-up-ville”…I realized that I needed my life to have a bigger purpose then just achieving goals, that all the hard knock lessons that I was learning along the way could spark others to achieve their goals, and that if you wanted a full life then you had to look at the full picture! I don’t believe in being boxed in and so I’m writing a book about designing your life without boundaries. To me Design has no beginning and no end; you create your entire life by Design.

I am a fusion of Interior Design and Energy Design, and so my book will be a fusion of the two that make up what I call Empowered Design. Now most of us know what Interior Design is, but I’m sure you’re wondering what in god’s name is Energy Design. And no I’m not referring to “GREEN” or Energy Efficient Design. I refer to Energy Design as the designing of the emotional and non-physical space that surrounds you, or that affects you on a daily basis. Empowered Design is about creating the life you are meant to live starting from the inside out. Design is all encompassing; from creating a passionate plan for life, to your personal space supporting your energy. Let’s face it, Designers are like therapists and we are the go to people for our clients, not only for style but for life advice. The bar is raised for a Designer’s life because it looks so stylish and interesting from the outside. Well it takes hard work and determination to live your best life! I have made a commitment to live my life on purpose and I believe that I can show you that there are no boundaries to achieving great personal success.